Lawn Care Frequently Asked Questions


Lawn FAQ's

Q. What are Synthetic Fertilizers?
A. They are the manmade fertilizers which have been used for many years and are water soluble. This means that they require water to break down the fertilizer into nutrients which can be absorbed by the turf grass. This leads to a quick greening of the lawn. Since this happens quickly sometimes there is a risk of surge growth, burning of the lawn or the nutrients being washed due to heavy rainfall.

Q. What are Organic Fertilizers?
A. They are made from natural substances rather than chemicals and are a very effective fertilizer.

Q. What is the difference between Synthetic and Organic Fertilizers?
A. The main difference between Synthetic and the Natural & Organic is how the turf grass absorbs the nutrients. Synthetics require water to break down the fertilizer into nutrients which can be absorbed. Organic Fertilizers require microbial decomposition to break down the fertilizer into nutrients which can be absorbed by the turf grass. This results in a slower, sustained feeding for the lawn as opposed to the quick feed associated with synthetics. Organic fertilizers feed the microbes which in turns creates a healthy soil which builds a stronger lawn. This does not happen when the synthetic fertilizers are used.

Q. What can you do about weeds?
A. We will pull selected weeds when we service your lawn. We can apply Corn Gluten Meal, prior to weed germination, to prevent the growth of Crabgrass and Dandelions. We can also apply a natural weed killer called Fiesta® to help eliminate weeds after they emerge.

Q. What kind of results can I expect?
A. Initially the Natural and Organic products may not be as quick in greening up as the synthetic products. However, over time, the results will be similar. Fiesta® is not as effective as the banned herbicides when applied without consideration for temperature or the weather. Therefore we follow-up the initial application 4 weeks later with an additional application. Currently, using this technique, we are achieving weed termination results which are very similar to those of the banned products. All said, you can expect a healthy lush green lawn.

Q. When can I, my family and pets use the lawn after my lawn has been serviced?
A. After each visit we will leave you a note explaining what work was performed and provide you with instructions which should answer all your questions. If you are still not sure please call us and we'd be happy to speak with you.

Q. Do I have to be present when a CopperRidge maintains my property?
A. No. Your property will receive the highest quality care possible regardless if you are there or not. If you have any locks on gates, we ask that you unlock them prior to our visit. If you prefer not to leave your gates unlocked, we ask that you leave a spare key in a designated area, so we can have access to your property. All gates, which we unlock, will be locked before CopperRidge leaves your property.

Q. Why do I need a professional lawn care company?
A. Your lawn is not only a place for your family to enjoy but an investment that enriches the value of your home. Recent government regulations have banned the use of chemicals to maintain your lawn resulting in weedy and thin looking lawns. CopperRidge provides the latest technologies and products available, to deliver that picture perfect lawn, which is green, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Q. How do I pay for your Services?
A. We offer three payment modes:
1) Monthly
2) Prepaid for the season
3) Invoiced at the end of each month for services rendered. After one year of using CopperRidge's services, we can offer alternative payment schedules which allow for equal monthly payments split over the entire year. This includes our Turf Farmer programs, CopperRidge's Property Care and Snow Removal costs to be extended monthly over the entire year, at no additional cost to you. This allows you to budget property care expenses over time, rather than being hit with a heavier billing cycle during the start and end of each of the seasons.

Q. Do you accept Credit or Debit Cards?
A. Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery Cards. Unfortunately we do not accept Debit Cards directly however we do accept Interac e-Transfers through your on-line banking account.